Thursday, March 12, 2009

Woodward Canyon Walla Walla Cab. 2007

OK, so you can only find it at restaurants, but do find it. Last night I had a bottle of 2007 Woodward Canyon Walla Walla Cab. at the Yellow Church Cafe here in Ellensburg (sadly this time I had to share) and even as young as it is it drinks wonderfully. It showed some perplexing notes of what I would generally find in a WA syrah, such as, the mouth feel was thick and somewhat sweet and there was a distinct nose of cooled bacon fat. The pallet had a roller coaster effect that ended with a slow long finish of dark fruit and molasses. After much discussion and some argument I got what I will call a cooked rhubarb and black berry center pallet. Well enough of the eclectic tasting notes when all is said and done it was a real joy to drink. Look for it at wine oriented restaurants through out WA, but go soon because there was very little produced and soon this will just be a story of what you could have tried. Go forth and taste them all because as you know variety is the....

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